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"For a moment is passed in His anger; a life in His favour; at even
weeping cometh for the night, and at morn there is rejoicing", Psalm 30: 5.

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Gordon Rainbow

My name is Gordon Rainbow and I am responsible for the My Brethren web site. This is my Personal page.

In early 1971, my wife Betty and I withdrew from a system which had become, and is, completely and irreversibly leavened by popery, clericalism, sectarianism and evil teaching – and is characterized by wicked and cruel practices.

I have been increasingly concerned for those who have suffered from the legal system which emerged in 1959 – but till now have lacked means of contacting them.

November 11, 1998   G.A.R.

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Site Objectives

'My Brethren' deals mainly – but not exclusively – with the history and ministry of JND, JBS, FER, CAC, JT, GRC

Despite ongoing external and internal attacks, from 1827 onwards, a continuing spiritual ministry opened up many precious truths –

• The main objective of this site therefore is to

• A further important goal of this site is to

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The Site's Future

'My Brethren' is carried on as a service to the Lord Jesus and to my brethren – hopefully until He comes.

November 11, 1999   Gordon A. Rainbow.

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In March 2001, I wrote privately to a number of guests inviting them to join with me in prayer as to the future of 'My Brethren'.

The Lord's answer to our prayers came unexpectedly.

Jeff Kuns

After browsing 'My Brethren' for some months, Jeff Kuns signed the Guest Book 5 in June 2001, and a correspondence began.

Last week Jeff flew to Toronto from California for a 5 day visit with Betty and me.

Betty, Gordon, Jeff

Betty, Gordon and Jeff, Toronto, April 2002

Jeff begins sharing the editoral responsibilities of 'My Brethren' at once.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002   G.A.R.

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New Editor – April 2003

'My Brethren' was opened in November 1998 – almost 4½ years ago – to serve the Lord Jesus and His brethren,

Some guests will recall that as early as November 1999 – because of advancing age – I could foresee the need

The time has come – in my 74th year – for Jeff to assume the responsibility of Editor of 'My Brethren'.

In the transition period and following, Jeff and I will continue to work closely together.

The objectives and policies of 'My Brethren' are unchanged.

'My Brethren' has grown considerably – far beyond what I could have expected – since November 1998,

To fulfill our aim that 'My Brethren' might be the premier resource site

In serving the Lord and the brethren, Jeff and I desire that – until He comes – 'My Brethren' should be

I am honoured to have served the Lord and the brethren thus far, appreciate your past interest and value your prayers for the future.

April 2003, Gordon Rainbow.

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A Personal Message to My Brethren is particularly addressed to those of my brethren who – since 1959 – were

My Journey gives a brief account of the failures and triumphs in my Christian life.

My Projects summarizes my main occupations since my retirement, in April 1993.

Guests: Site News, among other things,

Guests: My Answer replies to guests' questions as to the meaning, the application or the interpretation of the Scriptures – or related practical matters – rather than to the somewhat controversial matters dealt with in 'My Stand'.

Guests: My Stand contains replies to

  1. inquiries regarding my personal position as to certain doctrines and ecclesiastical positions and

  2. attempts to convince me to change my views.

The Studies group has personal studies and my convictions on a number of subjects.

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'Copyright Information' outlines the principles which have governed brethren
and the practices which they have followed.
The same principles and practices govern 'My Brethren'.

Notes of ministry, hymns, tunes, poetry, letters of interest, historical accounts, articles etc. – whether printed books, mimeographed, in manuscript, typescript or photocopy – in accordance with longstanding custom among brethren have been issued without claim to copyright or copyright notices.

To the best of my knowledge and belief all ministry, hymns, poetry, letters of interest, historical accounts, articles and other items on this site were written

Nevertheless, if any legal rights have been inadvertently infringed, it is sincerely regretted, and notification would be appreciated so that the matter might be rectified and, if possible, such items might be retained on this web site with notice of permission from the legal copyright holder.

To preserve the integrity of the 'My Brethren' web site, please request agreement to post a link.

While no copyright is claimed, it is only common courtesy and brotherly consideration to request and obtain agreement before publishing any items, whether on the web or in print.

For any correspondence concerning this page, please use the Guests: Sign Guest Book / Message Form.

Gordon A. Rainbow, November 1998.
Editor Emeritus, April 2003

I share the above views.
Jeff Kuns, Editor, April 2003.

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